International Ocean Data Conference 2022

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"International Ocean Data Conference 2022 - The Data We Need for the Ocean We Want" in Sopot, Poland, will be held between 14-16 February 2022.

The Conference will be held as a hybrid event with a number of participants on-site while others will participate through video conference.








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Happy Holidays

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Secrets of the Black Sea

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Popular science book "Secrets of the Black Sea"  was presented and promoted by the Institute of  Marine Biology of the NAS. The book was  published thanks to the support of international  project EU/UNDP “Improving Environmental  Monitoring in the Black Sea – Selected Measures  (EMBLAS-Plus)”. The idea of the book belongs to  Dr. Boris Aleksandrov, Director of the Institute  of  Marine Biology in Odessa, who was a partner  on the EMBLAS project. He tragically died in a  fire in winter 2019 and didn’t finish the book.  Through the joint effort of colleagues and  companions the idea was finally realized.

More about the book in the EURASLIC Newsletter

The book is availabe in Ukrainian, Russian and English.



EURASLIC Newsletter, No 49 (2020)

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Newsletter 49 (2020) has been published.

Find out news about virtual meetings held this year, 47th IAMSLIC Conference/19th EURASLIC conference,
Russian ASFA network and OpenASFA, about news from the EURASLIC libraries
or books and movie recommendations.

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