DIGIMAR Workshop

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DIGIMAR Workshop will be held in Plymouth, 26/27th April 2016

The main aim of the workshop is to identify and outline potential new digital services and digitisation projects for Marine Libraries in the 21st century that will facilitate access to the unique records and literature they hold. Different digitisation approaches and possibilities will be presented and explored with the aim of synthesising a practical, common way forward.

 Key Outcomes from the Workshop

(1) Examine the current textual based digital landscape relevant for Marine Science
(2) Understand methodologies of how relevant information from library material could be extracted and submitted to overarching initiatives
(3) Formulate potential future digital project proposals and identify potential funders
(4) Propose a way forward: agree on a common approach, the overarching aim and next steps.



Newsletter 44

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With the best wishes for Holiday Season and very happy New Year, we are bringing the new issue of  Newsletter, No 44 (2015).
It can be found under section Activites EURASLIC Newsletters




The 41st IAMSLIC Annual Conference & 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting, 7-11 September, 2015, FAO, Rome

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The 41st IAMSLIC Annual Conference & 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting, 7-11 September, 2015, FAO, Rome, Italy has been very productive with very interesting presentations.

The most significant topics covered at EURASLIC board and business meeting:  

  • Installation of newly elected EURASLIC Board
  • Re-activation of the national representatives and appointment of new national representatives (enhancement of represented countries)
  • Extension of the participation in IAMSLIC committees and activities
  • Promoting EURASLIC (leaflet, newsletter, social media, …)
  • Regional network activities (activities ODINECET)
  •  Conference locations for future EURASLIC conference
  • Future plans (new projects, initiatives, etc)
  • Funding

It was great to see many new EURASLIC and IAMSLIC members, willing to become actively involved in the organization.

Special thanks go to Maria Kalentsits and Armand Gribling and the complete organization committee for hosting this successful conference.

Sincere gratitude to the former Executive Board, and especially to Snejina Bacheva as former 9-years secretary and 4-years president, for their dedication and the results they achieved in the past few years.



Grant announcement 2015

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Euraslic members willing to come to Rome at 41st IAMSLIC Annual Conference & 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting, 7-11 September, 2015, FAO, Rome, Italy, and  who are presenting a paper, poster or report at the conference, but need some financial support are invited to apply for sponsorhip that is announced.

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16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting

Created on Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 10:10

ponto sesto

The website for joint 41st IAMSLIC Annual Conference and 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting is now alive! The conference will be held from September 7-11, 2015 under the theme:

Blue Growth: Motivating Innovations in Aquatic Information Management

Deadline for sending abstracts is April 30, 2015.