30 years of EURASLIC : a brief overview


This is a brief overview of some important years in 30 years of EURASLIC.

Not all is covered as there were and still are more activities like projects, conferences etc,

but those information can be found on the site.



1988 – First inaugural EURASLIC meeting, Plymouth, UK.
1989 - The first issue of EURASLIC Newsletter
1990 - Omnet's SCIENCEnet electronic mail system (replaced by EURASLIC Discussion list)
1991 - First edition of Directory of European aquatic science libraries and information centres, Inter-library loans between EURASLIC members
1992 - EURASLIC bylaws – ratified, association officialy registered in France
1996 - EURASLIC first website
2001 – Newsletter available electronically, EURASLIC Discussion list, euraslic.org domain name
2004 – ODINECET, new version of the EURASLIC web
2010 – New(current) web
2011 – EURASLIC on the Facebook