Past activities


Euraslic Directory Project

Team: Jan Haspeslagh (project leader); Snejina Bacheva; Euraslic National Representatives

One of the early projects of EURASLIC was to prepare a directory of aquatic sciences libraries and information centres across Europe, and the first edition was published in 1991, with the assistance of the Institut océanographique in Paris, giving details of 335 organizations:

Moulder, D.S.; Momzikoff, N. (Ed.). (1991). EURASLIC Directory of European Aquatic Sciences Libraries and Information Centres.

Institut océanographique: Paris, France. ISBN 2-903581-09-6. 184 pp.

The second edition contained details of 517 organisations, with information on the organisation (address, phone, fax, telex, email), and the library or information unit (staff, holdings, services etc). The second edition is now out of print:

Moulder, D.S. (Ed.). (1994). Directory of European Aquatic Sciences Libraries and Information Centres. 2nd edition.

Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimentacion: Madrid, Spain. ISBN 84-491-0023-2. 280 pp.

EURASLIC has now started the process of updating the EURASLIC Directory of European Aquatic Science Libraries and Information Centres.
The updated Directory will be uploaded into the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS).
This project is partly funded by IAMSLIC through their Special Projects Grant Cycle 2004 (

BLICOP Black Sea Regional Library Co-Operation Project  

Team: Olga Akimova (project leader); Snejina Bacheva; Jan Haspeslagh
Possible sponsors: ASFA-Board; IAMSLIC

BLICOP aims to create an online knowledge management system for literature on the Black Sea.

The proposed system will create (where necessary) and unite the electronic catalogues and databases of the Black Sea marine libraries into an efficient online information exchange system, providing access to the distributed co-operative resources, and supporting a document delivery service.

Users will be able to make online literature searches in the electronic catalogues of the libraries involved in the project and receive electronic versions of fulltext documents from the library stock. 6 Black Sea states (Bulgaria, Georgia, Rumania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine) are cooperation within this project.
A preliminary project meeting has been held in Oostende, Belgium (participants: Olga Akimova-Ukraine; Snejina Bacheva-Bulgaria; Jan Haspeslagh-Belgium) where a first project proposal draft was written. This meeting was funded by IOC.

Union List of serials available at the EURASLIC ECET Group aquatic libraries

Team: Maria Kalenchits (project leader); Jan Haspeslagh; Ludmila Kulagina; EURASLIC ECET Group members
Possible sponsors: IAMSLIC; IOC

The aim of this Project is to create an online searchable Union List of serials available at the EURASLIC ECET Group aquatic libraries. Information about serial holdings of aquatic libraries at the following institutions will be included to the database:

  • Russian Federal Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography/VNIRO (Russia)
  • Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (Russia)
  • Research Institute of the Azov Sea Fisheries Problems (Russia)
  • AtlantNIRO (Russia)
  • K.A. Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy (Russia)
  • Limnological Institute RAN (Russia)
  • Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (Ukraine)
  • Marine Hydrophysical Institute (Ukraine)
  • Estonian Marine Institute of the University of Tartu (Estonia)

A priority goal is to optimize Interlibrary Lending Service within the Association through improvement of the access to the information on serials available at the aquatic libraries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Once completed this Union List will enable other interested libraries to add information about their serial holdings to the List