ADRIA MED - The Project aims to promote scientific cooperation among the Adriatic nations. Its goal is to improve the management of fishing activities in conformity with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO 1995).

FAO - Fisheries and Aquaculture Department - its mission is to facilitate and secure the long-term sustainable development and utilization of the world's fisheries and aquaculture

IAMSLIC - The International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers
An association of individuals and organizations interested in aquatic and marine libraries and information science. The association provides a forum for exchange and exploration of ideas and issues of mutual concern.

IOC -  Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Its mission is to promote international cooperation and to coordinate programmes in research, services and capacity building...

IODE - International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange
"Its purpose is  to enhance marine research, exploitation and development, by facilitating the exchange of oceanographic data and information between participating Member States, and by meeting the needs of users for data and information products"

ODINECET - Ocean Data and Information Network for European Countries in Economic Transition -
It aims is at assisting marine libraries in European Countries in Economic Transition. As such this is an ODIN project that focuses only (for the time being) on marine information management and not on ocean data management.



AquaDocs - an open access repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and freshwater environments. It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects. AquaDocs was developed in 2021 by merging content from two former repositories, OceanDocs and Aquatic Commons, and is used by researchers, students, information and data managers, government officials and policy-makers

Past repositories:

Aquatic Commons - thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments

OceanDocs - collect, preserve and facilitate access to all research output from members of their Ocean Data and Information Networks (ODINS)